Intention No 2 – Be Peaceful

Intention 2 – Be Peaceful

Setting an intention to be peaceful throughout the day has a calming effect throughout the day and influences the whole environment around you. I like to visualise the peace I feel within myself helping others feel loved and relaxed when we are together.

This is a great intention you might like to try over the week ahead. You begin by building the peace within yourself. Try closing your eyes or softly glancing at the floor and taking your attention to your breath. Feel that you are inhaling peace each time you smoothly breath in. Then on the next exhalation surrounding yourself with a calm warm sensation, as you breathe out with awareness.

This is a visualisation and it helps steady the nervous system and connect us to Peace. Do this for a few minutes, building to 10 minutes a day. Keep the attention at the breath if it feels comfortable. Otherwise just imagine the beautiful calm increasing at the heart area.

It is important to create time to get to know our steady center. There may be many situations throughout the day that benefit from a little more peace. Add peace to the next time you are running late. Just breathe smoothly and feel centered in peace. It doesn’t really change what time you arrive but it changes how you feel and behave when you get there.

Add some peace to your conversations. Part of you can be engaged in what the person is saying and what you’d like to say, while the peaceful part is also present. The peace contributes by simply enjoying the company of others. Personally when I connect with my peace, my viewpoint can be expressed clearly and fairly. I am more encouraging, complimentary and present. I bring softness to what I am trying to say while enjoying the privilege experience of interacting with others at a heart level.

The intention to be Peaceful can also enhance our own awareness of the beauty all around you. The environment is oozing peace, like the sunrise, the plants, the sky and the trees. Many other people are naturally trying to add peace too. There is peace in music, in animals and in the spaces in between the activities and the material objects. There is more peace than we realize and connecting to this, is wonderful for our health and happiness.


Enjoy! Let me know if this 2nd Blissfully Present Intention, to Be Peaceful, is a positive new habit you’d like to keep in your life.


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