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My Meditation Practice – by nel hunter

The mind likes to have control doesn’t it and yet the way our thoughts skip about from one topic to the next, you have to wonder if it is the most effective leader. I am just back from a big walk around Centennial Park in Sydney. It is an incredibly delicious winters day because it is warm and sunny. My walk went a little longer than planned so I moved out of my mindful state and into ‘thinking’ about the day ahead.

It is very interesting just to watch the amount of topics your brain can come up with over an hour. I thought about the farm business, each of our children, my marriage, the writing I want to do today and the friends Id like to call. The young mother jogging with her new baby in her pram caught my attention, the 2 dog walkers who had 9 dogs between them, the athletes and the steady walkers.

It is unusual for me to be so distracted and lost in thought. I have enjoyed an incredibly mindful and meditative 2015, flowing from our city to country life but a deadline is looming and that always adds a bit of pressure doesn’t it. I started the day with a big clean up of the apartment and a clear to do list for the day ahead. I opened up windows, set out flowers, put music on and prepared for my walk with some yoga.

Now that I am back at my computer I can feel that something is missing…I haven’t practiced meditation today as yet. So I shall go now for 15mn and meditate. Why don’t you take a break as well and sit quietly for a moment, settling your thoughts. I will use my Mala beads today. This is a wonderful tool for centering and regaining focus.


15mn Meditation …………….


Hello, I am back. Did you take a break as well?

It can be so challenging to stop the mind from jumping here and move into a still state physically, mentally and emotionally. It feels almost like a waist of time. But what I find to be one of the greatest benefits is the awareness that arises during meditation. When everything settles our true presence is easier to find and this is the part of us that we want leading our lives.

I see our true presence as our wisest, highest self. It has capable of loving greatly, going with the flow, trusting intuition and knowing what our purpose is. The part of us that can choose to breathe deeply or choose to notice the present moment can also choose the most effective thoughts that serve us well.


If you are interested in develop this empowering skill by meditating regularly contact me and lets get started!

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