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We have more power than we realise to live a stress free life, the solution is to stop expecting a trouble free life and start getting to know your inner calm.

Finding a new way to handle pressure.

Stress usually appears when the pressure of our situation becomes overwhelming. Fortunately we don’t have to wait for the perfect day to enjoy stress relief. Adapting to the pressure is possible. It is a life skill well worth developing.

Lets have look at how yoga, mindfulness and meditation can offer a treasure box of coping tools for when the going gets tough.

Let me start by admitting that managing pressure is a new skill I didn’t always have. I would describe myself as a duck that was often paddling madly under the surface where no one could see. I know what it feels like to be exhausted and stressed by responsibilities. Asking for help wasn’t a strength of mine but I can remember when this all changed for me.

I had rushed home from town with the weekly supply of groceries in the car and our four children. I had promised Howard I’d bring him home lunch by 1pm. It was an ordinary day but I had put so much pressure on myself to travel 80km with small children and rush about town. I pulled into the carport, stopped the car and laid back into the seat, stressed. I said to myself, ‘I will not do that again.’ From that day forward I made every effort to not put myself under the same pressure again. I think about each day and imagine it flowing well.

There is so much in life we have no control over but it is a surprise to realise that we do actually put a lot of pressure on ourselves such as-

*Saying yes to every thing that is asked of you, even when your schedule is already full.

*Expecting ourselves to do too many jobs in a small amount of time

*Worrying about the worst case scenario or things we have no control over.

*Not having enough fun.

*Trying to put out an image that looks like you are doing a good job when the truth is you need a hand.

These days I enjoy my life so much more because yoga, mindfulness and meditation developed my understanding of coping skills. So this are my top 10 stress management tips.


1/ Self Care – Don’t run on empty, nourish yourself in every way

2/Have some fun – Don’t take life to seriously, leave room for some fun.

3/ Breathe – bring a calm breath into most situations.

4/Smile more often!

5/Get fit and healthy, you will have more energy and enthusiasm to cope.

6/ Show compassion and kindness to yourself and others.

7/ Leave some space to rest, relax and enjoy the ordinary details all around you.

8/Walk, run, move your body. Get outdoors as much as possible.

9/Drop bad habits and pick up a few good ones e.g. more water, less alcohol!

10/ Sleep Well – Ask for help if you are not sleeping (This should have been no 1)

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