Establishing Your Identity in Business Online

The process of establishing a web site is an undertaking that was more complicated than I expected but this had more to do with me than the web developer. Articulating who you are, what your mission is, what services and products you will offer, how, when, where and for who…my goodness, lot’s to think about.

I opened a day spa 10 years ago but this was a very different process. Setting up the business name and bank accounts, ordering furniture, stock, equipment and then employing staff were just some of the 100’s of little things I needed to do. Setting up childcare, bookwork systems, client record files and shop front displays were also on the ‘to do’ list. Most of what I was setting up was tangible and creating the salon ambiance was fascinating. I sold the business and returned to studying and assisting in the farm business for some years until now.

As a Dru Meditation and Yoga teacher, I am setting up a business online and this is very different from what I am used to. My ‘Blissfully Present’ business is a wellness coaching service with mindful audio products and eCourses. I am available for private group workshops and one-on-one coaching as well as offering recorded meditations and online programs. There is no fancy shop that can open its doors. After months of work the web site became live and the big question arrived, ‘How am I going to let people know I am ready to take bookings?’


After years of studying with the international Dru Yoga and Meditation school and 25 years working in the well-being industry, I feel excited about teaching. I feel drawn to help people living in isolation or busy mums who have trouble getting to regular classes. I know what that feels like myself. I know what putting your self last feels like. Mums do this often but run on empty. It’s not a good idea. The Dru Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and deep relaxation practices offer a comforting solution. I felt ready to share what I now realised about self empowerment, as a mother of four daughters and having worked with cancer patient care for 3 1/2 years.

It almost feels like I have been nesting my creative self, in preparation for this mindful business, that is a reflection of who I am today and what I can offer my clients. Now online, I will be able to write, enjoy my love of photography, connect with like-minded people and share the incredible Dru techniques in an audio and eCourse format. My biggest problem is choosing exactly who my service is best suited too. Everyone can enjoy yoga and meditation, from children to the elderly. I enjoy the rewarding work with cancer patients and their carer’s, but also absolutely love sport and would love to work with elite athletes.

How am I going to choose what to write first and how am I going to find that client? I decide to write a course for busy mothers but in the back of my mind I know that this information will also suit people from all walks of life. The message is very similar for everyone. ‘Get to know your body, your breath, the incredible detail in your life today and your potential will reveal itself.’

So if you are also looking to set yourself up online these are my recommendations;


1/ Decide what your 3 main services are

2/ Align the services with your mission

3/ Name your business and write your tag line.

4/ Start a blog – my first blog was and I have had over 31000 views. Building a   platform via a blog is a great way to connect with the people who are interested in what you are writing about. I have a new blog attached to my web site Here I can focus on my mindfulness teaching but Id like to maintain a monthly farm blog that will be mostly photos for those who have enjoyed hearing about the farm and my city/country lifestyle.

5/ Put your products together

6/ Start a web site (seek a helpful web developer)

7/ Design flyers, business cards and newsletters

8/ Start Marketing

9/ Start taking bookings

10/ Believe in yourself


Walk the Talk

As a yoga and meditation teacher I will only be as good as my personal practice, inner state and out behavior. My thoughts need to align with my values, potential and the greater universal flow. I can set up a web, begin a marketing campaign, write great programs and start taking new bookings but the true effort needs to be in walking the talk.


Good luck setting yourself up. It is a process that creates great clarity and purpose. I am in the early stages of my online business and although this is a new approach, the teachings are ancient and incredibly important. My intention is to maintain the integrity of the teachings while exploring new ways to connect with busy or isolated clients.

What can you offer online? Are your services, products or skills normally available in a shop front or studio environment? How can you be unique and bring something fresh and new to your career?

I actually love technology and the potential it offers for global connection and change. I feel like I am just dipping my toe in, but the challenge is exciting. It’s like telling the world, ‘Here I am, how can I help?’

Narelle Hunter (Nel)

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