Intention No4 Improve Self Care

When life gets busy or stressful you would think the first response would be to look after ourselves but the opposite is often true. Putting yourself last to save time is not a great idea. We need more energy, calmer emotions, clear thinking and more compassion when faced with pressure. The intention to improve ‘self care’ can support you in handling things in a much more productive way.

I remember when our 4 daughters were little. I wasn’t getting much sleep and I felt tired every day. A personal trainer called in and asked me to set some goals before our 1/2 hr fitness session. I didn’t have any clear goals nor the energy to participate in a very strenuous workout. 6 weeks later we met again after my commitment to the suggested sit-ups, walks and weight lifting program. The light bulb moment was when looking at my goals again. I had clear and exciting goals ready to write down. The exercise had inspired motivation, drive and passion.

We each need to find what keeps us feeling healthy, interested in our lives, grateful and enthusiastic. I believe we need to hold onto our creative hobbies, the friends that make us laugh and the individual interests we enjoy. Rather than spending time on these things when life feels like it is flowing well, add the fun and personal talents when the pressure is on.

I have witnessed clients who were feeling overwhelmed with their situation, feel healthier, happier and more energetic with the smallest of changes in their routine. Headaches, physical tightness, emotional tension and fears can subside when the ‘self’ is valued.

So try to care for yourself this week, as well as you care for those around you. Stop saying ‘no’ to you and start saying ‘yes’ to the activities you used to love. They could be more important than you realise.

When you bring a more relaxed approach to your environment, everyone benefits. You can’t do this running on empty!

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Email to arrange a 1/2 hr or 1 hr session…I look forward assisting you in creating better balance and a mindful lifestyle.




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Intention No3 Be Happy

I have a secret to share with you this evening. It is my little way of maintaining happiness and it comes in the form of a book, that I am sure to have mentioned to you before. It is ‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael A. Singer. I have the audio version and the paperback and I read or listen to the tips on returning to contentment and happiness whenever I am off track or being challenged. I jump straight back into feeling great every time I practice what Mr Singer recommends. The book was purchased in Feb 2015 but first published in 2007. My copy looks well loved already, with pages overturned and quotes underlined.

Mr Singer shares a number of very special messages that are potentially the key to enlightenment. But maintaining happiness on this level is proving to be challenging. I know how to be present, mindful and in wonder of the detail but when strong feelings arise of worry, concern, impatience or disappointment it’s easy to get caught in the thought patterns that build.

My interpretation of ‘The Untethered Soul’ is that Mr Singer makes very clear suggestions as to how to break the cycle of habits that swing us back into drama, fear, gloomy moods and negativity.

Thanks to this book I have enjoyed long periods of being able to maintain this state of complete and utter joy. You simply stop yourself looping into the story behind the feelings and thoughts that arise. They can release like air bubbles so that returning to a happy state is possible, quite quickly.

The Untethered Soul is really describing mindfulness throughout the whole book but the link to happiness is explained with great eloquence. I can see how this pure form of happiness leads to enlightenment. Its actually not about what is going on in your life, its about what is going on within yourself and how you deal with that!

Why is staying in the moment and in a state of happiness so challenging?

When I am not in the moment, I am anticipating the future or reflecting on the past. This is productive if I am visualising an abundant and loving future, or an abundant and loving past. More often than not the pull of past and future events are a drain. This distraction can be a source of unhappiness.




The potential to turn an ordinary lifestyle into an incredibly rewarding, inspiring and satisfying life starts with a mindful practice. Day by day it builds until you cant help but go to the window in the morning and really open your eyes, ears, senses..heart and soul. Mr Singer takes it to the next level and I want to go there!


I LOVE the intention ‘To Be Happy’ but the pull of stress, the rush, the concerns and the patterns are strong !!! Find your own way to return to the Now. For you it might be a different book, a friend, a walk or a meditation.

Make HAPPY your centre this week and everyone around you will love it!!







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Intention No 2 – Be Peaceful

Intention 2 – Be Peaceful

Setting an intention to be peaceful throughout the day has a calming effect throughout the day and influences the whole environment around you. I like to visualise the peace I feel within myself helping others feel loved and relaxed when we are together.

This is a great intention you might like to try over the week ahead. You begin by building the peace within yourself. Try closing your eyes or softly glancing at the floor and taking your attention to your breath. Feel that you are inhaling peace each time you smoothly breath in. Then on the next exhalation surrounding yourself with a calm warm sensation, as you breathe out with awareness.

This is a visualisation and it helps steady the nervous system and connect us to Peace. Do this for a few minutes, building to 10 minutes a day. Keep the attention at the breath if it feels comfortable. Otherwise just imagine the beautiful calm increasing at the heart area.

It is important to create time to get to know our steady center. There may be many situations throughout the day that benefit from a little more peace. Add peace to the next time you are running late. Just breathe smoothly and feel centered in peace. It doesn’t really change what time you arrive but it changes how you feel and behave when you get there.

Add some peace to your conversations. Part of you can be engaged in what the person is saying and what you’d like to say, while the peaceful part is also present. The peace contributes by simply enjoying the company of others. Personally when I connect with my peace, my viewpoint can be expressed clearly and fairly. I am more encouraging, complimentary and present. I bring softness to what I am trying to say while enjoying the privilege experience of interacting with others at a heart level.

The intention to be Peaceful can also enhance our own awareness of the beauty all around you. The environment is oozing peace, like the sunrise, the plants, the sky and the trees. Many other people are naturally trying to add peace too. There is peace in music, in animals and in the spaces in between the activities and the material objects. There is more peace than we realize and connecting to this, is wonderful for our health and happiness.


Enjoy! Let me know if this 2nd Blissfully Present Intention, to Be Peaceful, is a positive new habit you’d like to keep in your life.


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