Intention 1- Be Inspired by noticing what you love about others.

Hello and welcome to my Blissfully Present blog post.

Today I would like to share with you my experience of being mindful when in the company of others. It can be such a delight to come into the present moment when alone, especially when outside and enjoying all the delicious details nature offers. Lately though, I am also practicing mindfulness when with friends, family and in public. I am making a very conscious effort  to listen really well, be grateful for the company of others and appreciate what is unique and beautiful about the person in front of me. At the same time I am aware of my breath, my posture, my heart and my responses during the conversation.

So often we get lost in emotions, opinions, reactions and the rush of time. These things can really get in the way of the love we can show in any relationship.  If we can simply come into the present moment with the intention to really enjoy the time we have with each person; friendships, families, workplaces and personal relationships can shift into a really encouraging space.

A delightful surprise that came with this intention was the compliments my friends gave me. I asked for a few references from students, friends and work mates for my new web but the response was so incredibly heartfelt that a light bulb went off for me. Gratitude, loving intention, creating rush free time for people, compliments and kindness actually matters to others very much. My intention was helping others come into the present moment with me.

So would you like to set an intention over the next week with me. Lets give the people around us the attention they truly deserve. Lets put the phones and computers down more often and listen, really listen. Lets tell the people around us how much we love them. Lets accept compliments, they encourage us to continue in the direction of our highest selves.

Life can be busy but savouring small moments of total awareness with others who cross our path makes life richer and even more amazing. One day your friendly greeting to someone who wasn’t being encouraged, smiled at, complimented or loved very well, might have needed your attention more than you will ever know. It only takes a moment to be thoughtful, to connect, to love. Enjoy!


Love Nel Hunter












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