10 ways to ‘Be In The Moment’ even when busy

10 ways to ‘Be In The Moment’ even when busy.


1/ Notice your breathe – you don’t have to change it, just follow an easy breath with your awareness. Is the air cool as you inhale, warmers as you exhale. You are in the moment!

2/Listen to the sounds around you – can you hear distant sounds or the sounds close by. Try not to label them or find anything annoying. Find all sounds interesting. Be open and accepting.

3/Open your eyes and see all the detail in your environment as if for the first time. Try to discover the things you might take for granted or the things you had stopped noticing. Notice more and more until a new way of seeing the world opens up to you. Perhaps you will start to feel wonder or gratitude, curiosity or peace. Enjoy.

4/Awaken to the subtle aromas, including your foods. How long since you have smelt chocolate.

5/Stop and feel the air on your skin. These things only take a moment even when your busy but they renew energy levels and sharpen your memory because you arrive in the moment fully. Is there a breeze? What does the temperature feel like?

6/Notice your body – I mean really notice each body part. We almost become numb to this amazing vehicle that carries us around all day. Stretch for a moment and feel what parts of the body move, balance, tighten or relax. Feel like you have arrived in the body. How are you going to look after this precious gift if you are ignoring it. Does thirst turn into dehydration, hunger turn into overeating, a little tension turn into a migraine? Listen to the body and respond with care.

7/Smile – take a moment to smile, sit up with a posture that is happy and confident. We scan spend a lot of time focusing on achievement, workload, worries and complaints so why not dedicate a few moments each day to finding something to smile about. Lighten up and have a laugh if you really get carried away!

8/Go for a Mindful Walk – leave your busy thoughts behind and just be in the present moment. Notice your body walking, try to be outdoors and notice how wonderful nature is, the light, the aromas, the colours, the sounds. Take at least 15 minutes to walk with great awareness. These are the memories you will savour later in life.

9/Have a mindful conversation – Try to sit with someone as if you have never met them before. Settle your own thoughts, beliefs, view points, opinions, stories, experiences (you know, all the things that cloud a fresh new conversation sometimes and make it near impossible to listen) Be with the person who is front of you and hear their tone, their effort, their need to be loved and reassured. Show great respect to the highest in them with the highest in you.

10/Mindful Journalling – Dedicate a notebook to journalling the detail you enjoy when being mindful. (And don’t tell me you cant write) This is unedited, personal, creative writing. Structure your sentences however you want to. Spell how you want to. (I give many examples of a writer who does polish too much) Say what you want to say but make it different from the normal conversations or journalling. Allow this journal to be a special place for the ‘Now’ to land. Enjoy.Enjoy. Enjoy.

If you befriend The Present Moment you will always have a reason to be happy, content, inspired and passionate about your life. It gets hard sometimes, we all face challenges big and small, but something I have found to be true is that ….This Present Moment must not be lost..Can not be lost …Just as your own truest, highest, strongest, healthiest and most compassionate self is always there..Get to know your greatest self and let it meet with the Present Moment and you will move towards true purpose and vibrant happiness. There are too many great moments to savour, it would be a shame to live any other way.

by Nel Hunter




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